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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Rainy days

I like to sit inside on rainy days and listen to the rain, rainy days are for reading, listening to music, or watching a video i think everyone would have to agree, i could be in a sunny beach town except i am stuck here doing my assignments with the rain falling outside what a drag!! tonite i think i wll not go out because it's cold and i hate going out when it is cold, instead i think i will get a video to watch i think i will get kill bill vol1 i haven't seen it yet and i think it would be a good movie to see cause i wanna see the kill bill vol 2 at the cinema soon. so my nite is planned that is good. kill bill!! check out the soundtrack it's cool and the trailer is awesome also so make sure you look at that it's wicket! well i better go do my homework i haven't done much yet bye!

Friday, April 30, 2004

Back to the hard yakka!

Uni starts again on monday, i had 3 weeks of holidays, it was a good break from uni, last term went so quickly with so much homework to do. I was told that the first semester was full on and i didn't find it that full on but it was hard with so many assignments, i hope that this term is ok assignment wise, not as many as i had last term. Its getting really cold i like winter it's cool. Funny Joke a bit sick check this out it's pretty funny!! I am watching a britney spears concert at the moment Britney


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