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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Glorious food...

Last nite i had a big easter dinner at my auntys house i ate so much, it was good, my nana made so much food, Pasta My nana makes the best food ever, i really like her lasagna it's awesome, it has alot of meat and limited vegies but it's got a great sauce that taste yummy!!! Some people think i talk alot about food, well i suppose i do, it is part of our life isn't it, 3 main meals a day and snacks, i try to eat as healthy as i can i eat heaps of vegies, pasta, rice, and even though i don't have much red meat i eat chicken and fish and sometimes beef in such meals as beef stognoff thats yummy! and mince meat in pasta dishes. Gnocchi yum yum!!! I really like my nanas rice balls, they have rice of course and meat, egg, cheese in the middle cooked in hot oil, i know it doen't sound healthy but it sure does taste nice. All Italy links is a great site to learn about Italy and among other things it's culture including food, festivals, sports and so on... i can't wait to travel overseas when i have finished uni i can't wait.


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