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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Mona Lisa

I went shopping with lis and amanda, didn't get anything cause i have no money and thats a very good not to have money to spend. blog this blog is owned by a freak who likes lots of bad music, but i really like the layout of the blog with 2 tables, with lots of images of sport and weird images of him, i like how he has got listening to and tagboard. i would like to put in i am listening to. i found their are too many images that over ride that actual blog, their are heaps of links too many or maybe i should have more.

Friday, March 26, 2004

mmm.... Ravolli Cabonara

I went to out for tea today with my boyfriend, it was great, food was really good, i was amazed how many people their were there.
La Porchetta
i think it would be good to work as a waitress, it might be long hours and sometimes repetitive but i would like the people interaction between customers would be good, waitress blog I found this blog after searching for sites on waitresses, i really like how the blogger has the blog promise thats cool, I promise to post only when I have something to say, I promise to try not to bore the shit out of you with my incessant whining, I promise to keep my self-serving bullshit to a dull roar, I promise that I'll never blog naked. I don't like how their is the light grey colour as the links, because you have to go over it to see it, it goes green when you go over it, i don't like that way they have done that.


Thursday, March 25, 2004


i had some troubles with my photos for michaels assignment, so i took a roll of film today of nikki in some weird poses and also with a big ball. nikki blog i used Marie Claire magazine for ideas for poses some had weird expressions, smiling, stuck up expressions, sad and poses she didn't know i was taking. Marie Claire is a very stylish magazine very much for the upper class society, they have really interesting advertisements alot of work has gone into them.

My all time dream car would have to be a bmw, i aunty owns one!!ha! they are so stylish and nice, my auntys car has a tv in it and then you press a button and the cd player is behind it, how unreal is that! here is an unreal car just for me! my car it looks awesome in silver but even better in black i reckon. "And it is a charismatic vision of the future" a quote from the site totally wraps it up it is my future. Maybe in years to come when i am working as a graphic designer i will own such a car, i only need a small amount of $200,000 to pay it off but then by then it will be alot more damn!!
I also love holdens!! nikki has influenced me so much!! but really you can't compare the difference of ford and holdens, fords have crap motors, shape and everything else while holdens are so stylish and nice very nice. have a look at the difference crap ford and ford takes forever to load so of course it wouldn't be good beautiful holden and even the site is better looking and the monaro mmm... looks good in that silver and Barbados - Metallic Blue/Green, i love how you can see the colours on the car thats really funky and good for customers, maybe i should start with a Monaro then work my way up to a Bmw.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004


I have been busy making changes to my blog, such as cutting out the style and adding my own html, it can be abit confusing but i think i am getting the hang of it. I just typed in Feeling Lucky and i found 1,970,000 pages and i found a blog that has a enormous amount of posts long blog I am going to go food shopping this arvo, we hardly have any food left. It was funny yestersday a group of people were arguing over whether Coles and Woolworths is better, i really don't have an opinion on that, both are just as good as the other. The apple mac site is filled with really amazing new computer i love the 17inch screen laytop ha ha!! i especially like the itunes page here itunes

Here is a poem i found in a blog that was all about how much they want Mr Bush out of Presidency

Coming and going by the dance, I see
That what I am not is a part of me.
Dancing is all that I can ever trust,
The dance is all I am, the rest is dust.
I will believe my bones and live by what
Will go on dancing when my bones are not." —Guardian.UK [via walker]

The blog is obessed with the government and Mr Bush weird


Tuesday, March 23, 2004


I went shopping today i got a pair of thongs and a black pointing shoes, their really cool, i took my photos today of amanda and put them in so they will be ready tomorrow. shoes and i also like sandler shoes i have some awesome black heels shoes I am going to watch rove live later, i wonder how many sites their are on Rove i wil try it and see, their were 92 pages found in 0.32 seconds. I found an interesting blog through typing in Rove MacManus funky purple blog It has a cool purple layout with light purples and a simplistic table on the left handside, with Archives, Recent Entries, Pictures, I'm reading... I will try and make my blog like this, it is a very pleasant inviting soft blog and very easy to read, but maybe in green colours i like green at the moment i must be still stuck in St patricks day or something.


Monday, March 22, 2004

The Gym

Today i went to the gym, i went on the bike for awhile then i went onto the stepper, i felt good after that, very refreshed. I will try and go to the gym as much as possible i won't go tomorrow i wanna go shopping, but i might go on wednesday i think that is a good idea i only have class in the morning so thats a good idea. Tomorrow i will take my photos for my Portraits assignment of amanda in her element drinking, or being silly which won't be hard to do. Lisa my friend from my home is coming up this weekend so that will be awesome!! we will be going to the captial, me and amanda haven't been their yet so i can't wait it should be great, also on the weekend i am going to watch the football at turvey park cause people from home are playing their and they will kick waggas butts!!!!!!. afl
The afl will be starting soon, i can't wait, last year i didn't see much but this year i hope to watch more, i go for hawks, through the years i have gone back and fourth between geelong and hawks.

i watched fast and the furious last nite, i love the cars designs with cool illustrations but the cars are crap cause most of them are fords, their are some unreal colours, i especially like the pink car in the second movie. i have been picking out colours for my blog, i think i will chnage them alot till i am happy that all the colours go well together colour. i have finished my corporate identity assignment i am handing it in tomorrow i hope he likes it.

Sunday, March 21, 2004


It was awesome!! i had a great nite, a couple of my other friends came, we had a juke box it was great we were dancing to most people i know think that i am crazy by Billy Thorpe billy

i got to catch up with relatives i haven't seen in a while so that was fun! We had heaps of beer and wine and their is so much left over, its not funny!! their are hundreds left what a waste of money! beer
I bought back heaps of food that was left over so that was good yummy chocolate cake and bread and cakes. All the food is nearly gone now, thats why i am going to the gym tomorrow!

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