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Saturday, March 20, 2004


hey, i was travelling home today, it was a very boring trip, i stopped off at Albury to get my brothers birthday gift and have a spot of window shopping too sportsgirl
Their are some really funky clothes mmm..... i wish i had more money ha.... I especially like the cool long pants that really look professional and make you look older.
I am really looking forward to this weekend, the party should be great, their will be around 80 to 90 people. My two friends lis and amanda are coming too so that should be cool. I will be seeing heaps of my family, i hope to catch up with my little cousins cause they grow up so quickly and you don't wanna miss that.


Friday, March 19, 2004


hey i have been finishing up my coroporate identity assignment which is due next week on tuesday, but i am doing it now because i am going home for my brothers 21st birthday and i am going to get him a glass with 21st written on it and a key jane thing.. I am so tried after last nite, it was a long nite, i only had 5 hours sleep and i am now feeling it. I dentity really goes wrong when it come to people who pretend they are someone else, like the show alias, cia shows that no one knows who they really work for and who they really are. Last year i watched Alias, me and nikki were obessed watching it because of Michael Vartan who i know is a total babe alias Melissa George from Australia is now on the show, i haven't watched any this year cause i have been busy with uni and i have forgot about it. How can you not think Michael is not hot!! Hottie I remember him the movie Never been kissed thats an awesome movie with Drew Barrymore Never been Kissed this site is awesome with many links with heaps of info about the movie and the cast. Drew Barrymore is one of my favourite actresses, even though she did mess up her life when she was very young with drugs and alchol. i found a blog on Drew its great Drew


Thursday, March 18, 2004

all good things are GREEN!!!!!!

Today i have been busy, fixing up parts of my weblog, because parts of it has disapeared, so i have been looking for things on the net such things about Html and web browser. Tonight i am going to St Pats nite where you have to dress up in something green, nikki found a weird web cam check it out web cam When i think about it green is a pretty cool colour, it's in a lot of places, its natural, comes in so many varieties and shades. Spring is a time to hunt for four-leaf clovers, or make some for a St. Patrick's Day Punch.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


i am really annoyed because my Weblog keeps losing it's information, i just went in their and my 10 points about me are gone and my page was changed and it was locked i am not happy, so stupid person some how is getting in their and destroying it. Now i am really mad!!! i will write more later i am in a bad mood now.

Monday, March 15, 2004

I am doing my rsa today it goes for 6 hours, it should good to have it, when looking for a job in a bar would be cool!!bars
The Perfect hot kiss (interesting name)
1 part Black Bush whiskey
3 parts hot Coffee
some Whipped Cream
Perks you up and wakes you up. Pour the Black Bush whiskey into a tall, thick glass rimmed with sugar and fill two thirds with fresh coffee. Float double or whipped cream on top then stagger back to the ice rink.

I really like to drink cocktails, you can make so many kinds, and make up your own, is cool to. i like the purple cocktail fruit tingles. Where did the word cocktail come from it's a really different word, this is a weird definition of it - A mixture of drugs, usually in solution, for the diagnosis or treatment of a condition. I may be going to a cocktail party soon so dresses

Sunday, March 14, 2004


I found a blog called Batty Baby blog, I don't like the layout it has black background with hard to read text in grey and dark grey, i like the funky image of a witch like person and the link to 100 things is a good idea. I particularly like the group of links of Damnation, with such links as the girls confessions and about her dreams. I like how she has link talking about her dreams. The PictureEclectric is an interesting part of her blog wth images she has taken and ones she has found. I really like the headings she uses such as Evil Deeds and Gates of Hell. Through looking through her blog i found an interesting link to a jewellery designer with some interesting shapes, elegant jewels i love, check out Period drama and the very different Beyond Deluxe very over the top dress jewellery!!


He is a great actor, he's my favourite of all time, i love to watch old movies of the 30's 40's and 50's they are so much better than todays movies they rely on the actors ability to act rather to todays special effects. I know the storylines are repetitive in the old movies but they're nice love storys and mysteries which i love. One of the my all time favourite movies of Cary Grants is Bringing up Baby it is a hilarious romantic comedy.Bringing up Baby

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